1. Bereft
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She clung to a photo, all she had left of the boy she once knew
She was cold and bereft
The heat was intense as she turned in her bed
She couldn’t sleep, all her family was dead
But no words were sung for those soldiers who’d died
Few tears were shed, few children cried

Dressed up in uniform, boys, just nineteen years old
Like in Vietnam, fired as they were told
Mary Ann could cry, she could scream till her voice was gone
But no help would come for four students, dead on the lawn
But thousands more cried and raised up their voice
And took to the streets, yeah, to make some noise

Now in Vietnam Agent Orange has hurt
Generations to come, in the soil, in the dirt,
In the water they drink, there’s no way to avoid
The effects of the war on these young girls and boys
The trees have grown back but they’re not like before
And generations were lost in the pit of the war

Soldiers who fought could return to their homes
But they couldn’t escape the sounds of the bombs
Echoing in their minds for years
As they struggled to fight against oncoming tears
Addiction would haunt them till their dying day
And those who weren’t killed would just wither away